Agile businesses require process changes and IT changes to go hand in hand. At Consec we put people first and manage such demanding programs at the crossroads of business and IT in a consistent and result-oriented way. Our criteria for success are achieving the desired customers’ business results. We are proud to accept this responsibility.


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“No unit lost”

IT-integration of an independent Dutch manufacturer with the production network of a premium German automaker

(Germany – Netherlands – UK)

“Complexity under control”

Provisioning of an integrated product data management solution covering all phases from R&D to mass production for a premium German automaker


“The pulse of product data”

Anchoring a mandatory reference “total vehicle” as the pulse in the agile product development cycle and production network of a premium German automaker



New vehicle concepts, digital service offerings, and agile product realization on a virtual basis had to be mastered by introducing a technical reference, which would define the status of the total vehicle in a mandatory and up-to-date manner.

The new processes, IT support and data structures needed for this project had to be defined and implemented in a space of just nine months.


Consec was given the mandate to set up and structure the interdisciplinary project team, integrate it in the organization and equip it with the required authorization. As an Agile Master, we ensured that the project goal was achieved and that the new processes were rolled out.


This fundamental change in the agile vehicle development process has been adopted as a new way of doing things: the development teams are independently and adaptively aligning their activities with the technical reference “total vehicle”, the validity of which follows a fixed pulse. As a mandatory basis for development and production, the newly defined reference is effective as the business’s “pulse of product data”.


During the implementation of a product data management solution the consistency of the product information had to be guaranteed across all stages from early development to mass production.

The goal: across vehicle development everyone should talk about the same vehicle – a single version of the truth. Overcoming the reservations in the organization against the resulting transparency across all processes was one of the key challenges. The new processes were a prerequisite for the production of new vehicle models.


Consec was given the mandate to own the overall project plan and to establish the new processes across all car projects. This included the process for the commonality management, the change management processes, the release process and the configuration of experimental vehicles.

Consecs responsibilities included the timely introduction of the new processes and the automated conversion of the product data from development to the bill of materials in the production.

Consec reported to the internal project manager and provisioned authoritative project reports to both the departmental managers and the project team.


Taking responsibility across processes and IT and a strict change-management in the project were key success factors. Consec defined and implemented a rollout process which systematically embedded the new procedures along the value chain from development to production.

A team of over 200 members in 14 sub-projects achieved the goals as previously agreed.


For the production of a premium model by a third party manufacturer the IT of the Dutch manufacturer had to be integrated with the production network of the German automaker.

Existing processes and the underlying IT-solutions had to be redefined and harmonized to create a seamless integration of the manufacturer. Within 18 months a stable solution to support peak production capacity had to be introduced.


Consec was given the mandate by the automaker to provide the required IT-infrastructure on both sides to enable the manufacturing process. This not only included the technical integration but also parts of the supply chain, the financial accounting, and the process chains »parts« and »vehicle«.

Consec governed the integration process and provided continuous updates on the project status. The timely provision of the IT solutions and a start of production in line with the targets were defined as key goals.

Consec reported to the executive management of the automaker and the plant manager.


Thanks to our vast experience Consec identified process and IT risks early in the project and initiated the preventative actions. A full-blown integration test process across both involved parties was an essential element for the success of the project. The multinational team of 21 IT leads and 32 business leads reached the goals in time and without losing a single car in the process – »no unit lost«.



Project Initiation – Project Management – Operational Project Management – Management of Change

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Project Initiation

The success of complex project endeavors depends heavily on the quality of their initialization process. The decision to start a program requires solid preparation. Strategic goals need to be translated into a set of specific, actionable activities. We manage this phase of the program by working with all stakeholders focussed on the process objectives to identify and assign roles, responsibilities and the program timeline. Our ability to strategically plan the activities based on the desired results creates a solid, viable project plan.

Project Management

Project management is the crucial capability that enables organizations to implement innovative changes which improve their business results. As project managers we take responsibility across the whole project life-cycle – from the initialization of the program through to the implementation of the resulting process changes. Based on our experience, our professionalism, our integrity and our rigour we guarantee your projects’ success.

Operational Project Management

The many tasks involved in managing a complex project may result in the need for a strong operational counterpart to the project lead. In this capacity we create a viable project plan with tangible results, the required resources and the budget. We consistently monitor the project progress and results and we mitigate project risks by initiating the respective corrective actions. We communicate the process changes proactively to the affected business users and ensure a proper roll-out and go-live process.

Management of Change

For strategic changes to unleash their full value-creating potential, such processes need the buy-in of everybody involved. The benefits of structural, operational and cultural growth begin to accrue when the organization’s diverse job roles start forming of the employees’ DNA.

Our approach to change management hinges on understanding: understanding what the desired change means for every single employee in concrete terms; and understanding which interests, behaviors and structures are affected, making it possible to design and implement customized communication, qualification and coaching strategies.

We collaborate on the basis of open and transparent partnerships. This places interactions between change leaders and other affected parties on a footing of trust, allowing us to work together systematically to achieve the project objectives. We do more than just accompany the process: we commit ourselves to ensuring that the intended business impacts materialize and are measurable.

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